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Wednesday 1 September 2021

UpGrad or Simplilearn | Digital Marketing Course | vikramthinks

Which is better UpGrad or Simplilearn for Digital Marketing Course???

Once, definitely, these questions would have come to your mind, before taking a digital marketing course.

So, are you the one, who is confused, and looking to have some insights on the Digital Marketing course from UpGrad & Digital Marketing course from Simplilearn.

First of all, understand the difference between PG certification in Digital Marketing and Master’s Program in Digital Marketing.

UpGrad provides PG Certification in Digital Marketing in collaboration with a University, MICA. This means you are getting the Alumni Status of MICA.

While Simplilearn provides a tag of Master’s in Digital Marketing from Simplilearn only. No university involves here.

UpGrad course duration is 6.5months – 11 Months based upon 4 specializations that you can opt for.

Simplilearn course duration is 6-7 Months.

UpGrad has its own Job Portal while Simplilearn tied up with IIMJOBS.

You can access the course content for 2 years in UpGrad, while 1 year in Simplilearn.

Placement starts in between the course in UpGrad, while in Simplilearn after the course completion.

Avg package for Digital Marketer is 4 lakhs, which they both provide.

UpGrad course is best for Working professionals with certain years of experience, while Simplilearn course best for Fresher.

Check out other digital marketing confusions.

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If you are looking to have 1:1 mentorship with vikramthinks – https://ift.tt/3zF4IJa;

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