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Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Java Tutorial in Hindi | Master Java in 6 Hours | Java programming for Beginners | Great Learning

Skip Intro: 0:01:54

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Watch this tutorial on Java in Hindi! Java programming is object-oriented, class-based and platform-independent in nature, being one of the most popular programming languages today. It is famously used in the development of web applications, mobile applications, embedded systems, and the list goes on. The growing demand for better technology calls for the need for skilful programmers, a lot of which are required to be well versed with Java Programming. And that in turn gives rise to the need for learning Java among individuals of today’s data-driven world.

Great Learning brings you this tutorial on Java in Hindi to help you understand everything you need to know about this topic and getting started on the journey to learn about it well. This video starts off with an introduction to Java, its installation and a variety of Java concepts such as variables, data types and operators. Then we look at functions, arrays and strings in Java. Following this, we will understand the topic of Object-Oriented Programming in Java. We will also understand inheritance, abstraction and interface in Java! This video teaches Java and its key functions and concepts with a variety of demonstrations & examples to help you get started on the right foot.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:54 Agenda
0:07:17 What is Java?
0:09:23 Introduction to JDK, JVM and JRE
0:22:41 Install Java & Java IDE
0:26:32 Java program on CMD
0:45:43 First Java Program
0:52:01 Variables in Java
0:55:10 Data Types in Java
0:58:45 Typecasting in Java
1:10:32 Operators in Java
1:18:44 Flow Control Statements in Java
1:49:41 Functions in Java
2:15:42 Arrays in Java
2:39:47 Strings in Java
2:23:24 “final” keyword and Enumeration
3:33:54 Enumeration
3:45:00 Object-Oriented Programming in Java
3:51:29 Taking Input from User
3:57:07 Constructor
4:04:04 Inheritance in Java
4:33:26 Abstraction in Java
4:40:48 Interface in Java
4:58:48 Packages and Access Specifiers
5:25:26 Collection in Java

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