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Sunday, 29 August 2021

Docker And Kubernetes Full Course | Docker And Kubernetes Explained | DevOps Tools | Simplilearn

In this Docker and Kubernetes full-course video we will be learning all the important concepts related to Docker and Kubernetes starting from what they are to how can we use them. The course has many hands-on demos.

Below are the topics we will cover in this video:
00:00:00 What is Docker
00:15:31 Introduction to Kubernetes
00:30:26 Docker Installation on Ubuntu
00:37:38 Docker Installation on windows
00:42:18 Docker tutorial for beginners
01:40:51 What is a Container
02:01:17 Docker and Container Explained
02:17:16 What is Docker File
02:38;41 Docker Swarm
02:53:28 Docker Compose
03:10:25 Docker networking
03:33:37 Docker vs VM
03:25:24 Docker Command
04:31:32 Install Kubernetes on Ubuntu
04:36:20 Kubernetes Tutorial
05:20:26 Kubernetes on AWS
05:29:28 Kubernetes vs Docker
06:06:24 Docker Interview questions
06:16:18 Kubernetes Interview questions

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