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Sunday 15 August 2021

Cyber Security Training For Beginners | Cyber Security Tutorial | #LearningMarathon2021 |Simplilearn

This video on Cyber Security Training For Beginners will help you understand the concept of cybersecurity from scratch. Here, we will look at various networking concepts, cyberattacks, and understand the need for cybersecurity. Let’s begin this cyber security tutorial!

Below are the topics we are going to cover in this cyber security tutorial video:
00:00:00 The rise of cybercrimes
00:06:10 Different types of cyberattacks
00:20:42 What is cybersecurity?
00:22:31 Basic Network Terminologies
00:39:13 Cyber Security Goals
00:42:42 Tackling Cybercrime

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What Is Cyber Security?
Cyber Security involves techniques that help in securing various digital components, networks, data, and computer systems, from unauthorized digital access. There are several ways to implement cybersecurity, depending on the kind of network you are connected to and the type of cyberattacks you are prone to. A few ways to implement cybersecurity are defining clear boundaries, using network security control devices like Firewalls and IDS, and carrying out security testing.

Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security:
This Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security is designed to equip you with the skills required to become an expert in the rapidly growing field of Cyber Security. This cybersecurity course aims to help you stay abreast of all the latest trends in cybersecurity as well. This Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security will help you learn comprehensive approaches to protecting your infrastructure and securing your data, including risk analysis and mitigation, cloud-based security, and compliance. You will receive foundational to advanced security skills through industry-leading certification courses that are part of the program.

Key Features:
✅ Simplilearn Post Graduate Certificate
✅ Masterclasses from MIT Faculty
✅ Featuring Modules from MIT SCC and EC-Council
✅ 150+ hours of Applied Learning
✅ Get noticed by the top hiring companies
✅ EC-Council learning kit
✅ Industry case studies in cybersecurity
✅ MIT SCC Professional Learning Community
✅ Capstone project in 3 domains
✅ 25+ hands-on projects

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