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Tuesday 20 July 2021

Resume Tips For Freshers | How To Prepare A Resume For A Job | Resume Format | Simplilearn

In this Simplilearn video on Resume Tips For Freshers, we will provide you with tips on how to prepare a resume for a job. Here we will also provide you with a resume format that you can follow while crafting your resume. Check out the video at 04:30! to get a well-crafted sample resume from Simplilearn.

The topics covered in this video on ‘Resume Tips For Freshers’ are:
00:00:00 Top tips to polish your resume
00:00:37  What is a Resume?
00:01:00  Type of Resume
00:01:14   Resume Blueprint
00:01:26   Resume Contact Information
00:01:47   Resume Headline
00:02:27   Educational Credentials
00:02:56   Skillset
00:03:19   Internships and Project Details
00:03:37   Co-curricular activities
00:04:40   Proofread
00:04:29   Sample Resume Format

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Are you ready to apply for your first dream job? The first step to get there is to have a well-crafted resume. Resumes are the first point of contact with recruiters. Only if your resume is impressive will you make it to the interviews. Today we bring you this informative video on Resume Tips for Freshers! If you are stepping into your work life for the first time, not to worry, we have you covered with these top tips to polish your resume.

Here are the top 10 resume tips that will help you craft an impressive fresher resume.

✅Resume Tips For Freshers No.1: First and foremost, you need to pick the right type of resume before filling in your details. Since you are a fresher, you should go with a format that emphasizes more on your skills. Hence as a fresher, you can go with a functional resume.

✅Resume Tips For Freshers No.2: Our next tip to you is to have a blueprint of your resume. It is wise to pre-plan and organize the resume content. This way, you will better understand what needs to be in the resume and what can be omitted.

✅Resume Tips For Freshers No.3: Before you fill in your resume, be sure to add your contact information. This includes your name, your address, your email ID, and your phone number. You could also add your LinkedIn profile link for better credibility. Now with many interviews happening online, you can also mention your skype ID. Make sure that every detail you give looks professional.

✅Resume Tips For Freshers No.4: The next point to keep in mind is to have an impressive, short, and powerful headline. Resume headlines give an overview of your background to the recruiters. Hence, craft a good 2 to 3 liner summary about your career goals and qualifications.

✅Resume Tips For Freshers No.5: Since you are a fresher, the next step is to highlight your education. Have a table and list down your educational details, including the time in reverse chronological order up to your 10th standard. You would also need to mention your CGPA or your percentage in a separate column.

✅Resume Tips For Freshers No.6: Now it is time to highlight your skills. Choose a set of technical skills and soft skills that you possess and, at the same time, those that are relevant to the job role you are applying for.

✅Resume Tips For Freshers No.7: Since you are a fresher, you might have little to no work experience. Hence, add your internships and project details instead. Mention the duration for the same and list out a few points as to what you did.

✅Resume Tips For Freshers No.8: Add a section that throws light into your co-curricular activities. Here, you can briefly list down points about hackathons, college fests, sports, and so on. This displays your passion and shows that you are an all-rounder. If you have hosted events or activities, feel free to mention those as it will display your leadership skills.

✅Resume Tips For Freshers No.9: The rule to keep in mind while crafting your resume is, to be honest. Ensure you don’t add false information, as it will leave a bad mark on your profile forever. As a fresher, it is advised that you keep your resume within 2 pages and not more than that. A simple, short, and crisp resume will do the job.

✅Resume Tips For Freshers No.10: Our last tip to you is to proofread your resume. Nothing can be worse than having typos or grammatical errors in your resume. Check for spelling mistakes and sentence structure. Having such errors will leave a bad impression on the recruiter, and you might seem careless.

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