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Thursday 15 July 2021

DevOps Tools Full Course in 11 Hours | DevOps Tools Tutorial | DevOps Training | Edureka

🔥Edureka DevOps Training:
This Edureka DevOps Tools Full Course video will help you understand and learn the fundamentals concepts of various tools used in the DevOps lifecycle. This DevOps training video is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master the fundamentals of the top DevOps tools. Below are the topics covered in this DevOps Tools Full Course Tutorial:
0:00 Introduction
3:13 Why do we need DevOps?
10:48 Introduction to DevOps
14:58 Companies Using DevOps
16:37 DevOps Lifecycle
24:07 DevOps Skills to Learn
36:56 DevOps Automation
39:46 Azure and AWS DevOps
43:26 What is Version Control
47:48 What is Repository
48:28 Centralized vs Distributed VCS
49:27 What is Git
52:17 How does it work
56:37 Git Installation & Setup
58:37 Git Operations & Commands
1:44:34 The need for GitHub
1:46:54 What is GitHub?
2:08:55 Open and merge Pull request
2:12:05 GitHub case study
2:14:05 Why Continuous Integration?
2:17:25 What is Continuous Integration?
2:20:48 ​What is Jenkins?
2:29:12 Jenkins Installation & Setup
2:47:01 Why do we need Docker?
2:50:11 What is Docker?
2:57:16 Docker Installation & Commands
3:15:51 Docker Compose
3:28:22 Docker Volume
3:37:42 Docker Swarm
3:39:27 Features of Kubernetes
3:43:32 What is Kubernetes and What it’s not
3:48:27 Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm
3:54:02 Case Study
4:00:32 Kubernetes Architecture
4:33:58 What is Configuration Management
4:39:52 What is Puppet?
4:45:05 Why Puppet?
4:48:17 Puppet Hands-on
5:02:23 What is Ansible?
5:06:43 Push Based vs Pull Based
5:10:38 How to Install Ansible
5:18:48 Ansible Playbook
5:26:48 Why Terraform?
5:29:12 What is Terraform?
5:29:32 Terraform Use Case
5:31:52 How does Terraform Work?
5:33:52 Terraform Installation and Demo
6:05:30 Continuous Monitoring in DevOps
6:13:00 Introduction to Grafana
7:03:47 Why Prometheus?
7:04:47 Continuous Monitoring with Prometheus
7:05:46 Prometheus Architecture
7:08:56 Prometheus Metrics and its Metrics
7:11:41 Prometheus Installation and Demo
8:11:57 What is Selenium
8:16:40 Components or Suite
8:21:32 Demo
8:28:47 Why DevOps on Cloud?
8:30:22 Introduction to AWS
​8:32:24 What is a CICD Pipeline?
8:33:43 AWS DevOps Components
8:55:45 What is Azure?
9:08:08 DevOps Azure Components
9:46:38 Generic DevOps Interview Questions
9:54:41 Source Code Management Interview Questions
10:04:29 Continuous Integration Interview Questions
10:13:31 Configuration Management Interview Questions
10:37:37 Continuous Monitoring Interview Questions
10:51:17 Containerization and Virtualization Questions

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About the Course
Edureka’s DevOps online training is designed to help you master key tools of the DevOps lifecycle like Docker, Puppet, Jenkins, Nagios, GIT, Ansible, SaltStack, and Chef used by a DevOps Engineer for automating multiple steps in SDLC.
For Online Training and Certification, Please write back to us at or call us at IND: 9606058406 / US: 18338555775 (toll-free) for more information

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