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Friday 30 July 2021

Data Visualization with Tableau | Tableau Tutorial for Beginners in 2021 | Great Learning

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Learn about Data visualisation with Tableau! Data is only as good as one interprets it, and to tap the most out of the data available to us, it has to be well-analysed and presented for it to make sense. Tableau and PowerBI are business analytics and data visualization tools that focus on providing interactive business intelligence and visualization functions with an end-user friendly interface to create reports and dashboards. Tableau works towards turning sources of data into actionable, interactive and visually riveting reports & insights.

Great Learning brings you this video on “Data visualisation with Tableau” to help you set the right foot on starting out with Tableau. This video gives you a thorough insight into business intelligence, data visualization and data visualization tools. The video explains Tableau and its components, features and architecture in detail. Added to this, the video teaches these concepts by carrying out simultaneous demonstrations on Tableau.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:15 What is BI?
0:07:13 Business Intelligence Features
0:13:34 What is Data Visualization
0:22:10 Data Visualization Tools
0:27:46 What is Tableau
0:31:58 Tableau Architecture
0:33:43 Tableau Product Family
0:39:18 Tableau Installation
0:42:04 Tableau Datatypes
0:44:56 Tableau Dashboards
0:48:02 Understanding Tableau Interface
0:56:20 Working with Different Visualizations in Tableau
1:21:17 Tableau Dashboards
1:29:25 Operations in Tableau
1:54:15 Tableau Parameters

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