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Thursday, 15 July 2021

100 India GK Questions | Science GK Questions | World GK Questions Answer for India EXAMS | Part- 28

100 GK General knowledge Questions and Answers for all type of Indian competitive EXAM in English | Part-27
[1] The vitamins which is not found in vegetables and fruits?
[2] The White Revolution is related to
[3] The width of the meter gauge of the rail path is
[4] The word LBW is from which game?
[5] The word ‘Planet’ comes from which language?
[6] The world’s largest continent
[7] The world’s largest river island ‘Majuli’ is located in which state of India?
[8] The world’s longest (9438 km) railroad Trans-Siberia (Russia) connects which two cities?
[9] The world’s longest animal –
[10] There are 30 days in May.(True/False)
[11] There are how many States in the United States of America?
[12] There are over 330 different dog breeds in the world (True/False)?
[13] Things fall when you drop them because of what?
[14] Thirsty people need what?
[15] Which city is very famous of India for the production of grapes?
[16] Which country is a country of white elephants?
[17] Through what the plants are using their life cycle?
[18] Tired people need what?
[19] Titan is a satellite of which planet
[20] To prevent rust, what is the process of placing a layer of zinc on iron?
[21] How much total digits in Aadhaar –
[22] ‘Tripitaka’ is the scripture of which religion and in which language?
[23] True or false. The sound has faster speed than light-
[25] True or false: Chameleon’s have extremely long tongues, sometimes as long as their bodies?
[26] Tsunami is a word in which language?
[27] Two spoons of sugar dissolved in a glass of water makes?
[28] Uday Shankar is related to?
[29] Ujjain is situated on the bank of which river?
[31] Under whose leadership did America gain independence in 1776?
[32] Union public service commission of India was established on ?
[33] United Nation (UN) day is celebrated on?
[34] Until now how many people have landed on the moon?
[35] Uri dam is constructed across the which river?
[36] Ustad Zakir Hussain is related to which musical instrument?
[37] ‘Valley of Flowers National Park’ is situated in which state of India?
[38] VAT first introduced in which country?
[39] Vitamin ‘C’ deficiency causes which disease?
[40] ‘Voyager 1’ Space probe was launched on which date?
[42] Watermelons are originally from Australia (True/False)
[43] WBC stand for? White Blood Cells
[44] We get solar energy from?
[45] We should cross the road when the traffic light is?
[46] Weather related changes occur in which layer of the atmosphere?
[47] What is heating wire made of?
[50] What are the bones known which makes up the spine?
[51] What are the colours of a rainbow?
[52] What are the colours of the five Olympic rings?
[53] What are the five oceans of the world –
[56] What are the longest mountain range in the world?
[57] What are the names of Harry Potter’s parents?
[58] What are the other names of India?
[59] What are the reasons for seasons –
[60] What are the seven continents of the world –
[61] What are the three primary colors?
[62] What are the two holes in the nose called-
[63] What are the two longest rivers in the world?
[64] What are the vowels of the English alphabet?
[65] What are the Wright brothers famous for?
[66] What bird was domesticated first?
[67] In which city is the Statue of Liberty?
[68] What color are the stars on the United States of America Flag?
[69] What color does the sky often appear to be when it rains?
[70] What color is chlorophyll?
[71] What color is our Sky?
[72] What colour are apples?
[73] What colour starts with the letter “G”?
[74] What colour symbolises peace?
[77] What disease is caused by the bite of a mad dog?
[78] What do caterpillars turn into?
[79] What do FM and AM stand for?
[80] What do tadpoles turn into?
[81] What do we call someone who travels to space in a rocket?
[82] What do we called the lower part of our Earth?
[83] What do we call a chain of mountains?
[84] What do you call a house made of ice?
[85] What do you call a study of weather?
[86] What do you call a type of shape that has five sides?
[87] What does a botanist study?
[88] What does a carnivore eat?
[89] What does ammeter reads?
[90] What does ATP stands for?
[91] What does ‘CEO’ stands for in any organization?
[92] What does CIA stand for?
[93] What does coffee contains?
[94] What does DC stands for in eclectic?
[95] What does FBI stand for?
[96] What does HB in biological terms?
[97] What does HTML stand for?
[98] What does LCM mean in Mathematics?
[99] What does LPG contains?
[100] What does MSN stand for?

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