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Monday 17 May 2021

Machine Learning Algorithms Full Course | Machine Learning Algorithms Explained | Simplilearn

This video on Machine Learning Algorithms Full Course will help you learn the basics and advanced concepts of different Machine Learning Algorithms. You will look at the different algorithms along with hands-on demos in Python. 🔥Free Machine Learning Course:

Below are the topics we will be discussing in this video:
00:00:00 Basics of Machine Learning
Supervised Learning Algorithms:-
00:08:55 Linear regression
00:43:12 Logistic Regression
01:13:41 Decision Tree
01:38:22 Random Forest
02:18:39 SVM
02:42:18 KNN
Unsupervised Learning Algorithms:-
03:08:45 K means Clustering
03:57:28 PCA
04:27:56 Reinforcement Learning
05:04:48 Q Learning

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