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Saturday 3 April 2021

Blockchain Tutorial | What is Blockchain ? | Blockchain Technology | Great Learning

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Watch Great Learning’s video on Blockchain Basics! Blockchain, also called as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), enables us to make a digital asset transparent through the use of cryptography and decentralization. Blockchain is a technology that cryptographically secures the system, chains data chronologically, and permits transactions to be recorded permanently. The blockchain technology removes intermediaries and instils trust through its algorithm.

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Great Learning brings you this video on “Blockchain Basics”, a beginner-friendly video to help you get started with blockchain. We start off with an introduction to database systems, followed by understanding what blockchain is. Next, we look at the current banking system and the blockchain banking system, and will also take you through how blockchain solves the problems existing with the current banking system. Post this, we compare database system and blockchain and understand the role of intermediaries. Then, we look at a variety of blockchain concepts such as blockchain cryptography, solution, ecosystem, accounts, blocks, transactions, etc. Added to this, the video teaches these concepts by carrying out simultaneous demonstrations as well as with detailed examples of Bootstrap!

00:00 Introduction
02:58 Agenda
03:30 Introduction to Database Systems
10:16 What exactly is Blockchain?
15:50 Current Banking System
18:31 Blockchain Banking System
20:37 How Blockchain Solves the Problems with the Current Banking System
21:44 Summarizing Blockchain
26:35 Database vs Blockchain
33:00 Role of Intermediaries
40:46 Blockchain Cryptography
50:36 Blockchain Solution
1:05:16 Accounts, Blocks, Transactions and Merkle Trees
1:21:50 Consensus Mechanism
1:35:40 Proof of Work & Proof of Stake
1:42:25 Mechanism of Blockchain Transaction
1:48:52 Blockchain Ecosystem
1:57:35 Why do Industries need Blockchain?
2:11:01 Industry Challenges for Blockchain Adoption
2:19:47 Blockchain Examples
2:29:31 Thank you!

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