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Monday, 1 March 2021

SQL Interview Questions | SQL Interview tips & tricks | Great Learning

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Watch this video on SQL Interview Questions and Answers! Technology is taking the world by storm, and a variety of its disciplines have evolved in this era of information! One such field is Structured Query Language, better known in its abbreviated form SQL, a programming language used to manage data in Database Management Systems. With the amount of data increasing exponentially by the day, its management becomes extremely crucial, and that’s where SQL enters! Data in its raw form is more often than not incomprehensible and requires to be organized to be made sense of. SQL involves the organization, manipulation, retrieval and storage of data in relational databases.

Interviews are unpredictable, and it becomes essential to be sufficiently equipped with the right tips and tricks to crack them efficiently! It’s difficult to be prepared for what’s coming your way, but it is not impossible! Successfully cracking an SQL Interview with the right approach requires the right efforts and tending to this need, Great Learning brings you this video on “SQL Interview Questions and Answers”. In this video, we discuss a variety of SQL Interview Questions, theoretical and practical both, to prepare you well and help you answer them confidently during the interview! This video also prepares you with 100 SQL Interview Question for the D-Day!

0:01:18 Agenda
0:02:53 Basics of DBMS
0:11:56 RDBMS Concepts and Keys in RDBMS
0:27:11 Normalization techniques in SQL
0:31:26 ER diagram
0:32:54 Basics of MySQL
0:48:43 Broadband Management System
1:11:30 HR DBMS

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