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Thursday 4 March 2021

Design Thinking Process | A Guide To Design Thinking Process With Example | Simplilearn

This video on “Design Thinking Process” will help you understand the major fundamentals of the Design Thinking Process and its four crucial stages. The video includes real-life case studies for better learning experiences

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Design Thinking Certification Training Course:
This Design Thinking Course lets you master the concepts of design thinking—a powerful problem-solving process that involves a deep understanding of customer needs. You can boost your grasp of business strategy and innovation to drive a design thinking culture in your organization with the help of this Design Thinking Training.

Design Thinking Course Overview:
This Design Thinking Certification introduces you to the ImaginXP 5D design framework through case studies. You’ll learn how to identify problems, define requirements, and frame, ideate, prototype, test, and implement a business idea. You’ll also learn how to implement techniques for defining market fit and growth of your product and business.

Skills Covered:
✅ 5D design thinking framework
✅ Discover Define Dream Design Dry Run phases
✅ Ideate workshops
✅ Create innovative solutions
✅ Increase conversion rates
✅ Perform iterative tests
✅ Create interactive prototypes
✅ Perform behavioral user testing

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