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Monday 15 February 2021

Financial Analytics with Python | Financial data Analysis using Python | Great Learning

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Great Learning brings you this live session on “Financial Analytics with Python”. In this session, we will understand how banks and other financial institutions use predictive analytics for modeling their risk. Risk analytics has attracted a lot of attention in the wake of the recent financial crisis. With the help of risk analytics, we can answer questions such as “Can the banks predict when their loans would default?”, “Can the banks estimate the aggregate default rate?”, “What aggregate tools can be used in this pursuit?”, etc. In this session, we will understand two very important concepts in the field of banking which are market risk and credit risk. Going ahead, we will also understand how can we predict or prevent fraudulent transactions. Then, we will have a demo where we will understand the concept of market risk and credit risk with python. Finally, there will be a QnA session, where the attendees can ask queries related to whatever has been covered in the session.

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