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Saturday 20 February 2021

Data Structures and Algorithms in C | C Programming Full course | Great Learning

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Watch Great Learning’s tutorial on Data Structures & Algorithms in C! Data structures can be considered as a way to arrange data in computers, whereas an algorithm is understood as a set of steps for effective problem-solving. Combining both, Data Structures and Algorithms form an efficient and optimized way of writing a programming language.

Great Learning brings you this tutorial on Data Structures & Algorithms in C to help you understand everything you need to know about Data Structures & Algorithms in C and getting started on the journey to learn about it well. This video starts off by understanding data structures, arrays and LinkedList, followed by looking at concepts such as stack, queue, tree and so on. Then we look at a variety of algorithms. Following this, we will look at the concepts of recursion and searching. Finally, we understand sorting in detail. This video teaches Data Structures & Algorithms in C and its key functions and concepts with a variety of demonstrations and examples to help you get started on the right foot.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:09 Agenda
0:03:17 Data Structure
0:16:43 Array
0:42:54 Linked List
1:43:53 Stack
2:31:33 Queue
3:26:03 Binary Tree
4:11:09 Algorithms
4:28:55 Recursion
5:02:32 Linear Search
5:17:56 Binary Search
5:46:45 Bubble Sort
6:10:33 Selection Sort
6:35:16 Insertion Sort
7:07:32 Selection Vs Bubble Vs Insertion
7:12:23 Quick Sort
7:47:57 Merge Sort
8:42:06 Quick Sort Vs Merge Sort
8:44:37 Heap Sort
9:46:12 Summary

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  1. I appreciate your efforts in writing this amazing article. Practicing algorithms and solving problems is important from the perspective of cracking the coding interview. Thank you for sharing this. Great blog.


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